Welcome to our new blog

Our new blog is live! Read about how you can contribute and where this heads to. Happy reading on the new NTC Blog

Welcome to our new blog

Im happy to introduce you to our new blog.  🎉 Starting this, we give you the opportunity to read and write interesting articles.

Ghost, this is the underlying platform on which this blog is hosted on, is specialized to blogging and gives you a neat user experience in creating  blog articles. Of course, NTC will also use it to publish news, events, and all kind of stuff, but it will also be a platform for your stories, reviews, events, travels, and so on.

==To keep it simple at the beginning==
When you are interested in publishing articles on this blog - write a mail to

[email protected] and start writing on our blog.


Ideas 💡

Basically, you can write about everything you want, but of course it should be somehow associated with running: shoes, training, nutrition, events, your first marathon, advices, injuries, sport, physiology, psychology, science. I think you get it what I'm talking about.

Thinking a few steps forward, this blog could gather a list of running events in Nürnberg or it could be a platform which gives you a ton of tips & tricks from experienced athletes who share their experiences.

The platform develops with your contribution and ideas.
Ghost has a lot to offer when it comes to customization and integration and I'm super stoked where this will lead to. If you have ideas, just give me a hint and we can discuss things.

Have fun reading & writing!