Nürnberg Track Club became Nürnberg Trail Club: On January 26th, 2020 the traditional Prellstein race took place near Hersbruck and of course the Nürnberg Track Club was represented with a team. The rules were simple: Start in a team of 3 runners, 12 kilometers, all trail, 350 meters of altitude to master. From NTC Irina (in her very first trail race!), Michi and Mathias took up the challenge, ran the whole race together and were able to overcome all challenges together as a team: Two hard climbs up to the climbing rock Prellstein, several quiz questions (no joke!) which had to be answered at a checkpoint right after the Prellstein, an obstacle and numerous meters of altitude. The effort was rewarded with a beautiful and varied route, fantastic nature and, most importantly, an outstanding cake buffet at the finish. NTC will come back!